Improve your Computer Skill or your Search Skill to have access to some new better paid jobs
NEW HOSPITAL - It's not free.
NEW CLOTHES - Golden clothes for golden toilet.
NEW HAIRDRESSER - Improve your mood by changing haircut!

- More music ! By Monplaisir - All rights reserved TWITTER / WEBSITE
- Trash can generate junk
- The CEO Office is now open
- You can be a chemist on the Chemistry Laboratory

- Cradle in large house
- Eye color glitch
- Improved dollar repartition in the town
- Glitch - Dead bodies (edge of the screen)
- Sandwich images
- Make the dirt somehow more persistant
Alpha Version

Clean the dirt on the ground to earn money
Improve your Cleaning skill to clean faster and earn more money
From level 3, cleaning becomes fun!

- Music ! By Monplaisir - All rights reserved TWITTER / WEBSITE
- Config button
- Pee, poo, and dirt when you eat

- Buffed malus when you reborn without taking care of your baby
- When you hit with your hand, you fall asleep faster
- Nerf building commission
- Now, you lose mood when you kill a baby or a player
- When you sleep on the ground, you win less sleep
- Changed the supermarket
- Reduced the map to the previous size
Alpha Version
Alpha Version

The baby has needed:
BABY BOTTLE -> Fill up the food bar when rebirth
TOY -> Fill up the mood bar when rebirth + 1pt on the associated skill
BABY BED -> Fill up the sleep bar when rebirth

- Server List
- SPACE to interact
- Baby interactions
- Indication to show:
• Where to work the first time,
• Where to buy a baby
once you’re old.

- Spawn in walls
- Laboratory table - bad collision -
- You can’t use your baby anymore
to respawn when you are young
- Triangle sandwich glitch
- Tweak the door system
- Getting more than 10 skill points
were not displayed
Sleep, eat, have fun and go to the toilet

Sleep in a bed. The better is your bed, the better is your sleep.
To eat, buy food in a distributor, a supermarket or a trash. Some food have special effect.
Improve your mood by dancing, taking some medicine/food, or buying clothes.
Earn money

Work on a computer, find money on the roads or kill people.
Once you have enough, you can buy a building to get comissions every seconds.
Each time someone buy something in your building, you get money.
Upgrade your skills

Each year, you can improve your character on :
Computing, Trading, Strengh, Speed, Inventory, Search, Mood, Food, Sleep, and Toilet
Get a successor

Before dying, think to buy a successor in a nursery.
The more skills your successor has, the more expensive he'll be.
Alpha Version
Early Alpha Version
Added Collisions System
Added 2 hairstyles
Added Leaderboard
Improved Roads & GUI
Random Map Generator
Buildings & Roads
5 skin colors
2 hairstyles
11 hairstyle colors
Early Alpha Version
February 17 2018
Early Alpha Version Released is a city survival game, in which you can grow, age and rebirth.
Sleep, eat, have fun and go to the toilet. To survive, you will have to find a job, and buy buildings.
Find a successor worthy of your ambitions and try not to end your life going through the garbage!